Eilat mountaims


On March we will meet in Tel-Aviv and go together on the bus to Eilat- the southern point of Israel!

The first week! walking inside the desert of Eilat mountains

1st Walking day ! takes us up desert mountains from the shores of the red Sea in Eilat up Mt. Tsfahot for the 4 countries lookout over the Gulf of Eilat (Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia), we continue north to the Gishron Valley and walk up it’s steep canyon using ladders and stakes until the nightcamp at Mt. Yoash

  • Route: INT (Israel National Trail) Mt. Tsfahot, Bulbus ascent, Gishron ascent & Gishron Canyon, Mt. Yoash
  • Length: 14.5 Km
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Night Camp: Mt. Yoash near road #12

2nd Walking day,  Ein (spring) Netafim, down Netafim stream and north on Roded Stream along the Geological fault line separating the dark chalk rock and the dark granit rocks, visit the hidden valley, walk up mt. Shhoret lookout and down Shhoret canyon to the nightcamp at Shhoret / Amir Stream

  • Route: INT Ein Netafim, Netafim stream, Roded Stream, Hidden Valley, Shhoret canyon, green marked trail to the nightcamp
  • Length: 13 Km
  • Difficulty: Medium+
  • Night Camp: Shhoret / Amir Stream

3rd Walking day, we will join back to the INT and walk up Amram Ascent to Amram Lookout for observation of Eilat Gulf & Mountains, the Arava, Amram Valley and Shhoret to the south and Raham Valley to Mt. Timna and Sayarim range in the north, from there we descend via the path of Raham stream to the Nightcamp in the meeting point of Eteq stream from the west

  • Route: Green marked trail back to INT, INT Amram Ascent, Raham Stream
  • Length: 13.5
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Night Camp: Raham & Eteq streams Conjoining

4th Walking day, in this day we arrive at the beautiful Timna Valley, the day continues down Raham Stream through Timna Queries into the Timna Valley, Timna Lake, Timna Mountain & stream and north around Mt. Michrot to the nightcamp near the dune of Sasgon Valley

  • Route: INT Raham Stream, Queries, Timna Park, Sasgon Hill
  • Length: 16 Km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Night Camp: Emeq (valley) Sasgon

5th Walking day, climbing up Milhan Ascent to the north Lookout of Timna Valley, then continue throught Beer (well) Milhan, Sharvit stream and north along the ridge of Shaharot overlooking Yotvata and the Arava and to the Nightcamp north of Shaharot Village

  • Route: INT Milhan Ascent, Beer Milhan, Sharvit Stream, Shahrot ridge, Shaharot, Shahrot Stream
  • Length: 25 Km
  • Difficulty: Hard+
  • Night Camp: Shaharot Stream

6th Walking day, in the morning we countinue with the INT in Shaharot Stream and walk near the ancient ruins and rock writings the “Tigers Temple” and continue north to the big Sand Dune of Kasui stream there we will take a bus to skip the long part of the INT going by roads to avoid firing zones (~40km) the bus will take us to Tzihor Stream were we walk to the nightcamp for Shabat rest and the first weekend in the heart of the desert in Faran River where it meets Tzihor stream

  • Route: INT, Shaharot stream, Kasui sands, bus to Tzihor Stream, INT to the nightcamp
  • Length: 12 Km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Night Camp: Weekend - Faran River Conjoining with Tzihor Stream (possible to reach only with 4X4 vehicle)

Arava desert

Arava desert

7th Walking Day From Faran Valley to the Water Pools in the Canyons of Vardit and Barak Streams

  • Route: INT Faran Valley, Vardit stream, Barak stream
  • Length: 24.5 Km
  • Difficulty: Hard +
  • Night Camp: Barak Stream

8th Walking Day From Barak Nightcamp walking north in the heart of the desert parallel to the Arava valley, in Ramat Ashosh and Tsofar Stream to the Incense route and the ruins of ancient nabatian city “Moa”

  • Route: INT Tsofar, Ashosh stream, Moa
  • Length: 20 Km
  • Difficulty: Medium +
  • Night Camp: Moa

9th Walking Day From Moa walking around the villages Tsofar and Sapir to the Oasis Lake in Sapir Park

  • Route: INT Tsofar, Sapir
  • Length: 13 Kצ
  • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
  • Night Camp: Gamalia- Desert hosting

10th Walking Day Entering the Depth of the Desert to the Tsinim Cliffs Reservation, Carceshet stream, Ashborn stream, the Rock Cracks, Tsvira Stream, Mt. Yahav, Nekarot Valley and to the Nightcamp at Gev Holit

  • Route: INT Tsvira Stream, Mt. Yahav, Nekarot Stream, Gev Holit
  • Length: 21 Km
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Night Camp: Gev Holit

11th Walking Day Walking up Geled and Maok Stream and up “Carbolet Haririm” to the Amazing viewpoint overlooking the huge Ramon Crater, and than via Nekarot “horseshoe bend”, Mt. Saharonim to the night camp Gvanim Stream

  • Route: INT Carbolet Haririm, Parsat Nekarot, Mt. Saharonim
  • Length: 17.5 Km
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Night Camp: Ramon Crater - Gvanim Stream

12th Walking Day Walking Inside the beautiful Ramon Crater to the Weekend-camp in the Geves Queries

  • Route: INT, Ramon Crater Trails
  • Length: 8 Km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Night Camp: weekend in Ramon Crater - Geves Queries