Hiking journey

11 Days on the Israel Trail from south to north

We invite you to explore the different landscapes of Israel 

We choose for you from our rich experience 9 walking days on the hilights of the famous Israel National Trail!

We will walk and camp at the million stars hotel, sit around the fire, play music, cook our meals and get to know Israel on the best way-by foot.

Day 1 (Sunday) – arrival to Israel – a short morning flight (9:00)  from Tel Aviv (Sde Dov airport) to Eilat – transport to the Coral reef, snorkeling until sunset – transport to the first night camp at Yehoram mountain night camp (Eilat mountain range). on this day we will get to see the natural beauty of the red sea

Day 2 (Monday) – A 13 km hike to Shchoret canyon (similar to the red sandstones of Petra) through Netafim view point of the border with Egypt, the hidden valley and mount Shchoret view point of the southern Arava area. at 16:00 transport to an authentic Beduin hospitality camp (through the Ramon crater – with a view point at sunset) close to Mitzpe Ramon – at the Nafcha triangle. on our first hiking day we will feel the geological power of the Eilat mountain range and Machtesh Ramon in the heart of the southern & central Negev. (Machtesh is a uniqe carter)

Day 3 (Tuesday) – A 13 km hike from Ovdat the Nabatic ancient city to Upper Ein Akev then to lower Ein Akev, which is the crown jewel amongst the water pools in the Negev. (ein means a small spring or fountain) Close to 16:00 we will hike on further to the white plains night camp. on our second hiking day, after spending the night with the modern nomads of the Negev, we will learn about the culture that ruled this area in its glory days – the Nabatians. We will continue our day along the mighty Zin valley and get a taste of 2 of its water pools – a rare commodity in the Negev.  

Day 4 (Wednesday) – A 5 km hike towards Sde Boker where David Ben Gurion is buried, from which we transport through Yerucham town to a view point of the big Machtesh. Then we start our 9 km hike from Ein yorkeam (one of the nicest water springs in the Negev) to Yamin night camp in a beautiful canyon trail. on our third hiking day we will get to know the northen Negev area, the big Machtesh (the Ramon is the biggest) and one of the best hiking trails on the Israel national trail.

Day 5 (Thursday) – after 3 days in the desert we will head up north to Tel Azeka (the biblical area of david and goliath and of Samson) from which we start a 15 km hike to Mata night camp. on our forth hiking day we will see the slopes of the Judea mountain (shfela in Hebrew) in which a lot of the bible stories took place (first & second temple times as well as the roman period). We will also see archeological sites, a restored ancient olive oil press and a nice water spring close to Mata.

Day 6 (Friday) – A 8-10 km hike through the Jerusalem mountains and water springs to Aminadav forest area and from there transport to the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem. This is a short and relaxing day on the trail and we prefer to prepare for Shabat in a nice and hip hostel after a week in nature. on our fifth hiking day We will see the Judea mountains forest, the kibbutz and Moshav south west of Jerusalem and have an Israeli shabat with kidush and songs in the center of the modern holy city.

Day 7 (Shabat) – Jerusalem – old city tour – we will walk from the hotel 2 km to the old city and do a full guided tour of the main historical and religious sites – mostly in the Jewish quarter and around the western wall. A chance to do a pilgrimage to the holy city (which is not on the Israel national trail).

opportunity to make aBar & Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Kotel Cameras!

Day 8 (Sunday) – transport to Caesarea where we start a 15 km hike from the aqueduct beach through the beduin city of Jisr az-Zarqa to the zichron ya'akov night camp in the carmel mountain. on our sixth hiking day we will walk along the Mediterranean ocean, see archeology from the roman times in Beit Chananya, Shuni & Ein Tzur, and climb towards the southern tip of the evergreen Carmel mountain range.

Day 9 (Monday) – transport to Tiberius through the Izrael valley, next to mount Tavor to the eastern Galilei area above the Kineret where we start an 8-10 hike from the Arbel mountain and the amazing view of the Golan heights and the sea of galilee – night camp close to the Kineret. on our seventh hiking day we will drive through the southern galilee towards the second holy city on our journey – Tiberius – where many of the Mishna and Talmud era stories occurred, and we will visit one of the main villages of that era – Arbel. At the night camp We will swim in the biggest sweet water lake in Israel – where modern Zionism developed.    

Day 10 (Tuesday) – short transport to the amud canyon –where we begin a 10 km hike to the beautiful Sichvi pools and a climb to Ein Koves night camp close to Zefat. On our eighth hiking day we will climb up the major valley that starts from Meron mountain – the Amud named after the stone column at its end. This is one of the most hiked trails on the Israel trail due to the power of the nature in this upper galilee Canyon – we will bath in its pools and climb up to the third holy city on our journey – Zefat – just like the 16th century wise men of the Kabala golden era did.

Day 11 (Wednesday) – In the morning we will go on a full historical and spiritual tour in zefat. Afternoon the bus will take us to the Dan natural reserve – to finish the Israel national trail from Dan to Eilat.

As you can see there are 11 days planed from which 9 are hiking days on the Israel trail and 2 are city walking tours in Jerusalem and zefat. During the many transports there will be prolific guidance on the bus and many stops at the best view points along the way.


We believe that this plan gives you a good coverage of the historical, archeological, cultural and spiritual aspects of modern and ancient Israel.

our serveses:

carrying your heavy equipment
Full economy
Hot showers & toilets.
Electricity for charging
MattressTents and sleeping bag (option for "bring your own")
Guide Logistic team Surrounding a bonfire with songs and circles of food and sharing talks.
Flight ticket Tel-Aviv to Eilat.
Transportation between the camps
Hostel Jerusalem



Double price: $3600

Single price: $2160

Child price: $ 1680

** the tour is availble for groups 15-50 people

**The journey souitable for everyone who is with a basic fitness from the age 10-70

The journey is suitable for companyies, families,Bar & Bat Mitzvah, hiking clubs and more…

The journey is available all year month

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Looking forward to hike with you on your special journey!