Daily Mealsday 19

Journey wagon is equipped with all necessary kitchenware, food tea and coffee. Every morning we will start by making breakfast together, arrange food for the daily route and finish the day with making dinner

Drinking water arrangements

We have a 1000 L water tank. Water is provided to the group.


together we will make necessary arrangements and precautions for evening and night bonfires.

Personal equipment arrangement

To make the journey possible for everyone who dream to hike the land of Israel we provide 4X4 service to carry personal equipment (up to 14 kg) from campsite to campsite every day! for every walker. Walkers are recommended to take a satchel with water supplement (4-5 L), food for the way,musical instrument etc.

Between the journey stages

Walk About Love team is responsible to provide the guidance before every stage of the journey and group navigating along the tracks. A Walker is responsible to respect the journey schedule and follow necessary safety rules.

Sleeping arrangements

Bonfire (protected) in the center of sleeping site We supply comfortable mattresses &mats Giant camp tent on weekends. to make sure everyone is warm and cozy on the Israel National Trail Walk-About, we supply the firewood for a campfire all night. Hygienic arrangement (along the route in the bosom of nature) Keep your sleeping spot clean! Nature protection is important!

Daily schedule

Day starts with a musical sunrise!
06.00 – 07.30 – sleeping spot arrangement and preparation for daily journey (a satchel with water and sandwiches), tea and coffee
07.30 – 08.00 – breakfast and last arrangements
08.00 – 08.30 – daily journey guidance and track explanation (every daily track section is about 10-12 km) 19.00 – supper on the sleeping site and group activity
We strongly recommend making personal sleeping arrangements by the campus bonfire when the weather is good. We recommend to bring  good quality tent.
Special weekend activity: singing, dancing, party and performances, lectures and workshops (: