The walk provides a social and practical method for completing the Israeli National Trail.
We take care of food and water provision while carrying your heavy equipment and, most importantly, providing an opportunity to meet new people and share musical and artistic talents. However, we expect the group to be responsible for setting up the camp, preparing food, making fire, etc. Specifically, we want to share the delights of Israel with international walkers while disproving the negative stereotypes sometimes portrayed in the media with our warm and welcoming environment that is open to all!
Developing leadership skills in a diverse group.

The daily trail is self guiding, each person walks at his own pace and everyone must arrive at the night camp.

 All the trails are marked on the trailer and are explained at the morning and night circle meetings.

 On the journey there is an understanding between the walkers to help each other and leave no one behind therefore even if you don't have navigation or field experience you will always be able to find someone to help.

The trail is clearly signed in the field and in the application of the Israel National Trail

Each day in the group WhatsApp is shown the location of the next camp .

The camp crew will come to pick up anyone who has lost their way.

Communal tasks & self leadership

We have a lottery between the walkers and the person chosen joins the crew for between 1-3 days, to experience the trip from another perspective . Each person will get their chance.

 The communal tasks at the camp require daily leadership so each day the chosen leader will organize the tasks from the packing up the camp, morning circle and till the night circle.

That same day the leader will not take part in the walk but travel with the team.

In order for the trip to succeed and feel the experience of life in nature, we have made a list of daily tasks and each person will take his/her active part.

Food & water

On the trailer we have ingredients and cooking utensils to make our meals, tea & coffee
every participant will cook during the journey in his turn according to the table- the communal cooking with people from all over the world gives us a rich and interesting food.

You should bring with you close box to carry the food, fork, spoon & drinking glass.
You should bring with you bottles to carry 4-5 L of Water.


Together we will make necessary arrangements for evening and night bonfires.

What you can expect from us:
An opportunity to make friends from Israel and abroad

3 nutritious meals a day with healthy, wholesome ingredients.
The diet is vegetarian, although tuna and eggs are provided.

Water for drinking and washing.

Mattresses to sleep and sit on

Carrying of big backpacks, tents, instruments, in the truck between camps.

A station to charge phones and electronics

A daily briefing for navigation and logistics.

An opportunity to embrace the Jewish/Israeli culture, for example: observing Shabbat weekly, celebrating the national holidays, meeting Bedouin groups and the diverse population of Israel.

We will always be there to guide you on the route and provide the opportunity to visit springs and landmarks.

What we expect from you:
The campsite requires a team effort. Everyone is expected to help with preparing meals and setting up/packing up the campsite and making fire, etc, on a daily basis. To respect the beautiful nature that surrounds us, for example: do not litter, do not vandalize, do not waste water.

Please help and respect each other throughout the journey.

Please bring a Smartphone with data to assist you in navigating and emergencies. Any changes to the journey will be communicated through the Whatsapp group.

The trucks weight is limited. Please pack only the essentials and limit the weight of your bags to 14kg.

The trucks shower is a luxury and there is not enough time or water for all 30-40 participants to shower daily. Therefore, please be considerate by conserving water and taking only the time you need.

Please respect our property and take care of it. For example: Do not stand on mattresses and help to clean them.

We expect everyone in the group to participate in talking circles. Be active in sharing your culture, talent and stories.
Anyone who does not follow the rules will be reminded. If inappropriate behavior continues you may be asked to leave the journey.

Sleeping arrangements

The bonfire will be in the center of sleeping site. We supply comfortable mattresses and mats. To make sure everyone is warm and cozy on the Israel National Trail Walk-About their will always be enough firewood for a campfire all night. Keep you spot clean and do not leave rubbish.

Journey Details:
Transportation from Tel-Aviv to Eilat

1 night in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem at The Abraham Hostel.


*These options are available the whole journey, pick your desired dates*

There are 50 places for this journey !
Cost in Local currency (NIS) NIS per person

Full (68 days Autumn) (65 days )journey- 104 NIS per day 

Full (68 days Autumn) (65 days ) journey discount for people until the age of 23- 100 NIS per day

45 days- 124 NIS per day 

30 days- 128 NIS per day 

20 days- 135 NIS per day 

15 days- 140 NIS per day 

10 days- 145 NIS per day 

7 days- 165 NIS per day

4 days- 190 NIS per day