Established in 2008, WalkAboutLove offers organized journeys along the Israel National Trail.  The hike attracts both Israelis and tourists from around the world from diverse backgrounds and ages.Throughout the journey complete logistical support is provided including food, water, mattresses and transporting
of personal gear so that participants can enjoy the experience without being overburdened by supplies. First aid including medics are also available if needed.

One can register for the complete 81 day journey or opt for the 33 day NEGEV desert adventure,26 Days judea desert, or 21 days in North of Israel .  Those with less time may choose a personalized hike by selecting
their own dates and place to join (for a minimum  of 12 days). 

Music and song are key features of our Walk.  We sing, dance and bond together in frequent gatherings around bonfires, spontaneous parties, special
Sabbath and Holiday events & more.   Be prepared to establish (many) new and lasting friendships on The WalkAboutLove.

WalkAboutLove is available to participants who are 18 years of age and older or children fit for the hike accompanied by at least one parent.

 10 reasons to join WalkAboutLove:

  • Experience the beauty of the Land of Israel in its entirety
  • Meet adventure-loving people from all over the world
  • Establish new and lasting close friendships
  • Experience self discovery while being challenged
  • Develop a heightened appreciation for nature
  • Enhance your physical fitness
  • Strengthen your connection to Israel
  • Grow and prosper in a free and accepting environment
  • Enhance English language skills and discover new languages
  • Enjoy music and song in breathtaking settings

WalkAboutLove's Lifeline – The Israel National Trail