During the journey, the Walk About Love staff will transport all the group equipment and personal big-bags on trailers. While walking the daily treks you will only need to carry your daily small backpack.

Packing appropriately and bringing proper camping gear will make your journey a more pleasurable experience. Here are some helpful tips when preparing for the Israeli National Trail:

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We recommend a big 40-60 L backpack for all your gear. We will carry this big bag for you on our trailers during the walk.

Please do not bring a suitcase. It’s heavy and hard to load on and off the trailer.

IMPORTANT: Logistically, we can only carry up to a certain weight on the trailers. Therefore, the weight limit for each personal big-bag is 14 KG (this does not include musical instruments, maps and your daily hike backpack).
At the beginning of the journey we weigh every big-bag and charge extra for overweight bags.

The bag you’ll carry during the daily hikes needs to be comfortable and have back support. For this, we recommend a 30 L pack.

We recommend to bring only 3 pairs of clothing (like for a week) cause we do laundry. The temperature can change quickly and drastically from very cold desert nights to extremely hot sunny days. You’ll want to bring layers that will make changing easy while on the hike.
Also, take a modest set of clothing if you want to visit holy sites. Wide Hat or head covering.

Walk About Love’s unique atmosphere is what makes the journey so special. In the evenings, we sit around the fire, share experiences, sing, play music and dance. Bring musical instruments, art materials, juggling items or anything else you can think of to add to the vibe and enjoy at nature.

A light tent with aluminum poles is better than plastic which tends to break easily. A net and anti-rain cover is also recommended. You don’t have to bring a tent or always open it. Many group members sleep under the stars around the campfire. Nevertheless, a tent is definitely beneficial as it protects you from rain, wind or mosquitoes and provides you with privacy.

Bring a sleeping bag that is suitable for low temperatures (2 – 10 Celsius).

If you’re going to buy new shoes it is important to break them in some time before the journey so that they’ll be comfortable.

We recommend to bring good walking sandals for around the camp site and warm walking days.

Don’t forget your toiletries, comb, toothbrush & toothpaste. Ecological bar soap is preferred since liquid soap can leak in your bag.
You won’t want to use any kind of soap while bathing in or near natural water sources as it can harm the local wildlife.

You should bring a first aid kit with bandages, iodine, tweezers, a needle, small scissors and cotton.
The desert has very dry air so we recommend bringing moisturizing hand cream and chapstick for your lips. Also, don’t forget cream for burns, mosquito repellent and any necessary medicine.

Israel hiking maps are almost exclusively in Hebrew. While it is possible to find English maps, they are significantly less detailed. While Walking the trail it is your responsibility to pay attention to instructions and stick with the group. We don’t want anyone getting lost!

Drinking bottles or bag (“Shluker”) – we recommend to take 4 liters of water for each walking day. Quality aluminum bottles can be useful for the whole journey. Plastic bottles may need to be replaced at some point.

Every participant must bring his own sealed food container, bottles, cup, spoon, fork and knife.
While on the journey we eat a lot of cooked food. We have a trailer full of food and mobile kitchen gear. Each morning everyone cooks breakfast together and packs lunch for the walk.

It is recommended to store your cellphone in your walking bag while hiking to preserve battery in case your phone is needed.

IMPORTANT: Keep your phone charged in case you need to find your way. Some places have no cell reception. If you’re lost and have no reception, walk up the nearest hill where you’ll have a better chance to get a signal.

A pair of binoculars for high viewpoints (e.g. our first/last walking day takes us to Mt. Tsfahot where we’ll observe 4 countries around the Red sea).

This will help you get around night camp after sunset. We recommend a LED light.

Portable music player with headphones and/or speakers and your favorite music

Our journey trailers are equipped with solar panels for electricity. The outlets are USB car-charger like


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