Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions from our travelers! If you don’t find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us at walkaboutloveinfo@gmail.com and we will happily help you out.

Is a visa required when traveling from USA?
Not all the countries need Visa, USA do need a Visa to come to Israel.
Here you can find information about Visa.

How to join us during the journey?
We recommend you to join the group evening before the walking day without any extra charge. If you are coming with public transportation the camp crew car will pick you up from a close bus station to the group in the night camp. we will contact you to coordinate your arrival location and time please If you are planning to come with a car we will let you know exactly where would be the best place to park it and how to reach it in the end of the walking days.

What kind of fitness level is required?
You need a basic fitness, during the journey your body will get use to the walking.

I have never tried anything like this. Am I dreaming?
All the greatest things in life start with a small dream! The logistic that our journey provides (such as food, water, phone charging point, personal mattress etc.) and the good atmosphere in the group make it possible to make your dream come true.

Do I need a SIM card?
When you get to Israel it is important to buy an Israeli SIM card with internet connection.
We have a WhatsApp group where we upload locations, Massages and more.

What are the coldest temperatures you get out on the trail at night and in the day?
It can be cold at night in the desert (about 10C°)
At a day time it can be about 25C°.

Do I need personal health insurance?
You can make a personal health insurance through your insurance agent.

How many Kilometers we walk in a day?
We walk between 15-25 Kilometers a day.

With how many days in advance i need to book?
The group is limited to 35 people – book in advance and save your spot.

How do we go back to Tel Aviv when finishing the trail?
Spring journey- we organize a ride to the town Kiryat Shemona in the north and from there you take a bus independently to Tel Aviv.
Autumn journey- we finish in Eilat and from there you can take independently bus to Tel Aviv.


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