We believe in healthy simple and nutritious food that will be most suitable for our body in a long time hiking. The menu was built with a professional dietitian.


During the journey, we eat fresh food 3 times a day:

  • • Early morning ( at the camp)
  • • Lunch (that we take with us on the route)
  • • Dinner ( at the camp)

Suitable for Kashruth & Hallal observes


The Wagon is full of goods and kitchen equipment to make a tasty meal.
Everyone must bring their own food container which will be their plate during the time of the hike.

Breakfast: Oat is one of the healthiest and popular meals in the world! it is making the sugar in the body to become lower and keeping us full until lunchtime.
No sugar- we add natural date syrup to the oat, dry coconut, cinnamon, and Tahini.
There is also an option of fresh yogurt with a mix of dry fruits, granola, and nuts.

Lunch: Simple and nutritious, each day 2 volunteers will make a lunch that you will take with you to the daily route, the lunch can be Rice with lentils and vegetables. Pita ( the local Arabic bread) that we will make together from a dough, it is recommended to eat the pita with date syrup or Tahini.
Vegetables and season fruits.

Dinner: During the journey, we are not eating meat instead we eat legumes such as- pea, lentil, bean, hummus and more that are rich with protein( we soak them in advance).
We cook a rich dish with legumes and vegetables.

Tea and coffee: A big hot water kettle will wait for you in the morning and at sunset time when arriving at the camp.
next, to the kettle, you will find Tea, coffee, cocoa, herbs, 100% milk powder, sugar & sweetener box.



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