Israel Expedition nature

Walk About Love was created as an international walk of Love and music in Israel

We bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds

We show you beautiful nature and vibrant lifestyles of Israel

The daily trail is self-guiding, each person walks at his own pace, and everyone must arrive at the night camp.

We take care of food and water provision while carrying your heavy equipment

People from all over the world gather together to create a unique group experience of walking, hiking and enjoying nature.

The Israel National Trail is one of the most extended and most challenging treks in the world.
During the journey, you have the choice to walk as part of a large or small group.
In the evening, all groups meet up at the campsite, where the Walk About Love staff will be waiting for you with your equipment, water, and food supply. Cooking dinner together while singing around the campfire is just part of the unique Walk About Love atmosphere!

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